• Huailai Wineries Project

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    发布时间: 2017 - 03 - 17

    The improving living standard in the PRC drives the demand for luxurious goods, such as wine. Currently, China is the world’s largest wine consumer. Since 2007, consumption of red wine in the PRC trebled to 1.87 billion bottles in 2013. The prosperous development of China’s economy boosted the whole red wine industry.

    The Group seizes the opportunities by developing the Huailai Wineries Project. The project plans to establish a private wine estate with features of grape plantation and wine brewing and launch a display area for concept promotion. Huailai is renowned for its reputation of “homeland of grape wine”. Its geographical location is favourable for wine brewing as it is at the same longitude as Bordeaux, France, the world's major wine industry capital where called as the “golden area of grape plantation”. The grape industry there is well established with comprehensive facilities.

    Huailai County is located near the Great Wall, centre of Huaizhuo Basin and Beijing. It is expected that the project will fulfill the business, social, as well as traveling and leisure needs of affluent inhabitants in the greater Beijing region. Seeking an effective launch, a display area will be set up. Electricity and water supply, leveling of road and site of the display area and part of the greening and plantation works were completed. For the preparation of construction works, planning is undergoing, including that of the private wine estate project and the design of the showroom as well as the transformation works for barren hills and slopes, the grape planting, greening showroom works in the display area.

    Huailai Wineries Project


    The project is located in Sangyuan Village, Sangyuan Town, Huailai County, Hebei Province. Its east side is the winery at the coordinate of J14-J27; south side is Dataogou at the coordinate of J27-J43; west side is up to Waitoushan; north side is Erfenggou at the coordinate of J1-J14.

    Huailai Wineries Project


    The aggregate area under development is approximately 2,000,000 sq.m. Among which, area with land use right is approximately 104,000 sq.m. while the rest will obtain right of land usage in 2014. The remaining 1,440,007 sq.m. are for leasing.

    Huailai Wineries Project


    A private wine estate with features of grape plantation and wine brewing.

    Huailai Wineries Project


    A transportation hub north of the Great Wall in ancient time, Shacheng County is in close proximity to Beijing. It is 120km away from Deshengmen of the capital and 87km from downtown Zhangjiakou, whilst it takes only 1-hour drive from the county and 40 minute from Donghuayuan Town (which is adjacent to Beijing) to the Third Ring Road of Beijing. According to international standard, Huailai is actually located at the countryside of Beijing city.

    Huailai Wineries Project


    Below the Great Wall and in the centre of Huaizhuo Basin lies the Huailai County. It is located at the same longitude as Bordeaux, France and California, the U.S., the world's major wine industry capital and the “golden area of grape plantation” at around North longitude 40 degree, where one of the most favourable places for wine brewing and grape plantation. The grape industry there is well equipped with comprehensive facilities.

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